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Performance Fitness - Ballet Barre





🌟 Exclusive Free Audition Workout🌟 Hey Performers and Creatives! Welcome! During the challenging times of the pandemic, I found solace and inspiration in dance fitness. My passion for Ballet Barre led me to become a certified instructor with the American Barre Technique. I'm thrilled to invite you to join me in a special workout session – the very audition routine that secured my current position. This workout isn't just about movements; it's about refining your performance skills. As an instructor, I now have the privilege to nurture your stage presence, enhance your expression, and elevate your movements, ensuring you're primed for stellar performances. While I search for the perfect studio or gym to call home, I'm excited to share my audition video with you. Dive into this workout and experience the essence of developing your performance skills firsthand. Share your workout journey using the hashtag #DevelopMeSaige and tag me @SaigeColbert across all social media platforms. I'll be eager to see your progress, share your dedication, and repost your hard work! Let's elevate our performance together! Enjoy the workout and let your creativity shine. Warm regards, Saige Colbert

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