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My Story Unveiled

Welcome! Delve into my personal journey and uncover the wealth of experiences that have shaped my expertise. Explore my bio below to discover the intricate tapestry of my professional and creative evolution. Join me in navigating through the experiences that have fueled my passion for artist development, creative direction, and revolutionizing hospitality standards.

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Saige Colbert

Is a multifaceted professional at the intersection of creativity and expertise, shaping dynamic realms in movement coaching, artistic direction, and production management. Renowned for specializing in Majorette and Hip Hop dance styles, Saige holds certifications as a Project Management Professional, ServSafe Food Protection, and American Barre Technique Instructor. Her journey is rooted in a degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from Bowie State University, complemented by elementary education skills from the Capital Teaching Residency at KIPP DC.

With over a decade of hospitality management experience at esteemed establishments like Clyde's Restaurant Group and diverse property management companies, Saige has demonstrated exceptional leadership. Her artistic voyage thrived at Ikon Studios in Atlanta, GA, honing under mentors Ian Burke and Infinite Movement Talent, complemented by guidance from vocal trainer Mia D Braswell and artist developer Gee Gee Garcia, shaping her profound understanding of body movement and artistic sensibilities.

Returning to Maryland, Saige passionately contributed expertise to Bowie State University and various institutions, choreographing for over 60 theatrical productions. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, her production expertise shone through a successful virtual production, integrating music engineering, videography, graphics, and choreography.

At A D4ME Production, Saige and her team offer exceptional services in movement coaching, conceptual choreography, and visual media. Her creative prowess extends across TV commercials, trailers, music videos, and short films, inspiring artists to express themselves through synchronized movement and musical harmony.

Saige's dynamic role extends to revolutionizing the entertainment industry with the Movement Method, empowering public speakers and vocalists. As the visionary behind Front of the House Servers Guide LLC, she reshapes customer service standards in the hospitality sector, passionately committed to elevating experiences for individuals and businesses.

Driven by an unwavering passion for developing talent and creating exceptional experiences, Saige crafts specialized courses for creatives, aiming to redefine the realms of artistic expression and customer service. Her innovative approach strives to converge artistic excellence and exceptional service, leaving an indelible mark on both the performing arts and the service industry.

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Discover Saige's Dynamic Voice

Saige's voice is a reflection of her roots in the vibrant DMV region, offering a rich and authentic tone that captivates audiences. With versatility in speed and inflection, Saige's voice brings narratives to life with depth and character. Dive into Saige's portfolio of voice samples, showcasing her mastery across various styles and genres. From American European to Southern/Country, Alexa Voice, Documentary, and Storytelling, each sample highlights Saige's ability to deliver captivating performances and elevate your project with her vocal talent.

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From Family Roots to a
Successful Career:

Saige's grandmother and aunts instilled in her the significance of hair care and styling from a young age. Since then, she has collaborated with renowned industry leaders such as Paul Mitchell, A Bridal Piece, Hair Definition, and Taliah Wajjid. Notably, she has served as a model in the Bronner Brothers and Bubbles – Hair Wars runway shows. Saige's expertise and experience are evident in the stunning looks she creates for her clients.


Unlock Your Potential

Ready to hone your performance skills on stage? Dive into the world of Artist Development for comprehensive training in film, music, and entertainment. Whether you're a vocalist, public speaker, or aspiring performer, our program offers tailored courses to help you shine.

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Client Testimonies

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Saige and A D4ME Production since August of 2018. As a creative partner, Saige has always exemplified professionalism and is a true jack of all trades. What I admire most about Saige is her ability to perform under pressure and how intense and focused she is on completing and complimenting the vision of her clients."

Chad X. Ali, Director & Performing Artist

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